Inaugural Additive Manufacturing Expo 2023

Additive Manufacturing Expo

On March 17, 2023, Harbro Engineering and Phlow Pty Ltd held its’ inaugural Additive Manufacturing Expo at our facility at Ferguson Drive, Quioba.

We were delighted to welcome 60 attendees from all over the state, including Government representatives, industry bodies, and company representatives from the mining, education, engineering, technology, and manufacturing industries. Our management extends a sincere thank you to all who attended, with special thanks to Senator Jacqui Lambie and Minister Felix Ellis for their support.

Speakers, Christian Buhagiar (Sales Manager, Alfex Additive –Melbourne) and Suraj Sethi (Sales Manager, Markforged Australia-Pacific) showcased the benefits and business case for additive manufacturing in Australia.

Christian Lonne, CEO of Digital Metal, a world leading 3D printing company in Sweden gave an insightful presentation on the current industry applications for this technology followed by an exciting glimpse into its incredible potential for the future of manufacturing globally.

Senator Jacqui Lambie was then invited to officially cut the ribbon on the Markforged FX20, the largest and fastest, state-of-the-art composite 3D printer in the Markforged range.

The full suite of Markforged 3D printers was on display including the X7 and Mark II composite plastic printers and the 2 Metal X printers which have the capability to print components from a range of industrial grade metals.

Attendees perused the displays of 3D printed samples and products while enjoying a wonderful corporate lunch provided by Bonne Bouche Catering as well as coffee by Leaping Goat Coffee.

Tours were conducted by our staff of the whole facility showcasing our manufacturing capacity but also demonstrating how our company is incorporating additive manufacturing processes to complement our traditional engineering practices which diversifies our capabilities for the growing Tasmanian, National, and International market.